Philosophical Fight Club

What Does It Mean To Be A Man Today?

In the twenty-first century, we’re not warriors, farmers, fishermen, homesteaders, firefighters, policemen, statesmen, or wisemen. Nor are we handymen or craftsmen or carpenters. We’re definitely not explorers or hunters. Raised to be conflict-shy, risk-averse knowledge workers living and working in major cities, we don’t know how to be men, what a man really is, and what one could be.

The current cultural and political landscape only makes matters worse. Those on the political left tend to be overly sensitive, enacting victimhood, those on the political right being contemptuous and quick to anger.

What masculine impulses do we have, which are waiting to be born, and how do we actually channel them?

Through PFC, we learn to become masculine by engaging in friendly yet ruthless verbal combat. We face dangerous questions, risking ourselves to find out what we’re made of. We forge a brotherhood. At PFC, we learn to fight for the truth.